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93 - They 404'd Me

In the summer of 1997, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, shook the world. The People's Princess left behind her 2 young boys, a country in grief, and a collection of royal sinister secrets. But was it a simple drunk driving accident? Or was it a carefully plotted assassination?

Topic: Royal Family Conspiracy Theories

We are joined by our good friend and fellow witch bitch, Keiko!

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Princess Diana

Prince Charles & Princess Diana

Princess Diana shaking the hand of a person living with HIV

Car crash victims

Place de l'Alma Tunnel diagram

Car crash scene (note: the roof was cut off AFTER the accident to remove the bodies)

Queen Elizabeth addressing Diana's death (credit: AP Archive)

Hôtel Ritz Paris CCTV raw footage of Diana's last hours

James Andenson

- Sources -

- Documentaries -

Diana: The Night She Died (2006) Directed by David Cohen. TVF International, Channel 5 Broadcasting ltd.

Diana's Death: The Search for the Truth (2017) Directed by Manuel Laigre. Kaliste Productions.


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