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Hey guysss! For those who don't know us, we are the hosts of Esoteric Oddities. We met back in 2012 while attending the same college, and have been best weirdos ever since. We spend a lot of our time together talking about conspiracy theories, serial killers, and other creepy stuff. So in 2017, we decided to put microphones near our mouths and publish our conversations to the ether! Tune into your favorite podcast player every Monday to join us as we drench ourselves in all things dark and dreadful.


Birthday: February 18

Sign : Aquarius

Fav Food: Any spicy sushi

Fav Show: BTVS

Fav Movie: Ginger Snaps

Fav Band: Slipknot 

Guilty Pleasure: Mukbang videos

Celebrity Idol: Dolly Parton

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Birthday: August 12

Sign : Leo

Fav Food: Tacos

Fav Show: Supernatural

Fav Movie: Blow

Fav Band: Fleetwood Mac

Guilty Pleasure: Expensive Skin Care 

Celebrity Idol: Kelly Cutrone

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