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5 - We're Moving to the Moon

In this episode, we explore the numerous reported abductions and sightings of extraterrestrial entities. How is it possible that a woman is seen being abducted from her home into a 'space ship'... then found an hour later 500 miles away? And why does Project Blue Book go to extremes to keep any sort of extraterrestrial evidence out of the public eye? Listen and find out... but like, please don't abduct us... like seriously. I have a basketball game tomorrow.

Topic: UFOs & Alien Abductions

Headlines surrounding the drama caused by the War of the Worlds radio play

Amy Rylance

Petra Heller

The broken window and burned bush where Amy claims she was abducted by a UFO

Kenneth Arnold with a sketch of what he saw while piloting his plane

Investigators looking at the Roswell debris

Photograph of the Lubbock Lights

Newspaper clippings from the Levelland UFO Case


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