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107 - Chrismysteries 3

Catch us in this rad video by our friend Jess Jackson

"Babyland" in the Annandale cemetery

Generated image of what Jane Doe may have looked like

The small Christmas tree near the body

The bag and its belongings found next to the body

Typed note found inside the bag

Post mortem picture of the Annandale Jane Doe

Sylvia Orza (far left) and Bruce Pardo with a friend at a dinner party.

The fire after the massacre

The fire aftermath

The santa suit and weapons found inside Bruce's car

Joseph Ortega (center left) and his wife Alicia Ortega (center right) with their children during their 50th wedding anniversary

Victim Michael Andre Ortiz (17)

Victim Alicia Ortega Ortiz (46)

Victim Teresa Ortega (52)

Victim James "Joe" Ortega (51)

The Fort Worth Trio


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