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92 - I'm Too Lazy to go Missing

3 cases, 8 people, no answers. Rock musician Jim Sullivan's abandoned car is found on the side of the road, with no trace of Jim. When he never shows up again, his song lyrics about UFOs begin to piece together a strange story. When missing Canadian student Phillip Ho Sing Sit's remains are found, the mystery only deepens when his 3 friends Eve Ho, Jackie Lee, and Kevin Lam vanish without a trace. Then a family of three goes missing under strange circumstances, and when Madyson, Sherilynn, and Bobby Jamison's remains are found days later, police struggle to explain the unimaginable.

Topic: Unsolved Cases involving Missing People

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan

La Mesa Motel where Jim Sullivan was last seen

Phillip Sit

Jackie Lee (Left), Kevin Lam (Center), and Eve Ho (right)

Jackie Lee and Eve Ho

Eve Ho statue (The only photo we could find was very low quality)

The Jamison Family: Madyson (Left), Sherilynn, and Bobby (Right)

Photo of Madyson found on Bobby's phone after the family went missing

Cayleigh Elise's video:

Jamison Family footage:


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