4 - Hit Me with the Woolly Baby

Cotton candy, ferris wheels, and murder - Welcome to the freak show! We've got the incredible woolly girl with more golden locks than you'll believe. And if you're not into the American werewolf, maybe Blanche Dumas: the 3 legged courtesan will catch your attention. But beware the monster in the final tent - Grady Stiles Jr. the lobster boy who committed unforgivable acts. Step right up - you won't want to miss this...

Topic: Sideshow 'Freaks'

Francesco Lentini the 3 legged man

Alice Elizabeth Doherty the Woolly Girl

Blanche Dumas

Édouard Beaupré (he's the one in the back if you couldn't figure that out)

Grady Stiles Jr. as a child

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