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109 - Bet You Thought You'd Seen The Last of Us

SURPRISE BITCH! WE'RE BACK! After a "brief" self-quarantine update, we dive into some intense stories. First we take a look at the Walker family massacre plus the cold blooded murders of the Clutter family and the string of common denominators. Then we investigate the affluenza infected Menendez brothers.

Jonathan showing a clear disdain for Brandon from MTV's Siesta Key & Brandon not caring

The Walker Family - Cliff and Christine with their children Jimmie, and Debbie

The Clutter Family -Herb & Bonnie, Nancy, and Kenton

Exterior of the Clutter family home

For crime scene photos from the Clutter Family Murder click here

Richard Hickock (left) and Perry Smith (right)

The Menendez Family - Lyle (left) Kitty, Jose, and Erik (right)

Erik (left) & Lyle (right) Menendez

Crime scene in the Menendez mansion where the bodies of Kitty and Jose were found

The Menendez brothers Lyle (left) and Erik (right) in court

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