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102 - I Don't Trust Anybody Who Successfully Runs a Snow Cone Business Outside of a Pier 1 Imports

In this episode we are joined by Cerra's lovely girlfriend Na, as we deep dive into two author-related murders. First Jonathan investigates the horrible killing and potential conspiracies surrounding Kaitlyn Arquette, then Cerra dives into the twisted "friendship" of Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme. Grab your library card. You're going to want to check this out.

Topic: Authors and Murder

Young Kaitlyn Arquette with her mom Lois Duncan

Kaitlyn Arquette's senior photo

Kait & her boyfriend Dung Nguyen

Kait's car found after the incident

Interior of Kait's car - that piece of paper is the written directions to Susan Smith's house

Handwritten note compared to Kait's verified handwriting

Paul Apodaca

Police sketch from Psychic

Lois' unpublished UK book cover matching the police sketch

Miguel "Vamp" Garcia

Juve Escobedo

Lois Duncan's heartbreaking nonfiction

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