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We love creating free weekly content for you, but we need your help! In order for us to continue creating quality content to publish for you weekly, we need support! Thank you to everyone for listening and continuing to support our fascination with everything dark and dreadful.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a social networking platform unlike anything else! Listeners can support our podcast for as little as $1 a month, and all proceeds will go directly back into the podcast so we can give you the best quality possible! Patrons will have access to exclusive content like bonus episodes, original videos, polls, and much more here on our Patreon page - so be sure to come back and check out weekly content!

Where Your Money Goes

Esoteric Oddities is exciting to make, but it isn't easy! We love bringing quality content to the table, and that is rooted in our research. If you ever spent any time deep diving the web, you know finding valid information for a story can be tough - it is like writing a whole book report every week - only more fun. After all, free content isn't free! We spend hours of time researching, recording, and editing! Your support makes it possible for us to research, update our equipment, and help with our weekly travels to record together, so we can focus on making great episodes for YOU!

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